Kooswalla keratin treatment 1 litre

Kooswalla keratin treatment 1 litre

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Kooswalla keratin treatment.

Tea tree essence, with collagen keratin complex.

1000 ml 

lasts up to 3-4 months.

formulated treatments also include protein and teacher oil, restore and moisten the hair.

Helps with:

Frizzy dry damaged hair.

Smooths curly hair.

Repairs breakage.

prevents split ends.


Step 1: Wash hair with clarifying shampoo 2 to 3 times depending on the thickness of the hair

Step 2: Dry hair 100% 

Step 3: section hair into four parts, starting at the night section apply solution from scalp to ends. Comb through each section that you have applied until the entire head is complete.

Step 4: Blow dry hair till  it’s 100% dry.

Step 5: divide the hair again into four sections, using a flat iron start at the nape of the neck taking small sections, move the iron from roots to ends rapidly to 5-7  times. 

To get longer lasting affect please do not wash your hair for 3 days.

For daily care, use tea tree series products to maintain better affect. 

Do not use no sulphates or paraben  in products after treatment.