I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Tamar Ipradjian  and I’m the owner of Koko and co Melbourne, I’m a small business which specialises in that one on one deluxe service.

My blog is all about me wanting to share my expertise knowledge on helping customers achieving the best results for their hair!

Now, there are so many products to choose from out there- am I right?

Have you ever seen an advertisement that’s promises to grow your hair and you see a beautiful picture of a young girl with thickest and longest hair and you think “geez I would love that hair’ and you feel compelled to purchase these products in the hope that you will achieve these gorgeous results!

I’ve been a hairdresser for 20 plus years, which means I’ve been dealing with hair for over 2 decades and I know what hair is and is not capable of doing. To give you the honest truth, hair can only grow a certain amount and it’s up to genetics along with other factors on how thick and long you can get your hair. I’m not here to promise you that your hair will grow ridiculously fast like other companies would but I am here to give you the honest facts on how to grow your hair as a hairdresser and not just a business woman. I am extremely passionate and care for my clients and I’m always here to help.

It’s a fact that a large majority of women colour their hair, they also straighten, curl, perm, and do all sorts of things. So sometimes natural products just doesn’t cut it!

I have taken a year to trial many different products on many different types of hair. Every product that I sell on my website I’m a big believer in and I’m extremely passionate about.

If you really want to grow and thicken your hair please note that the products you use are just a part of it.

Here’s a few key points to how you can help thicken and grow your hair.

-Trim your hair; I always suggest to my clients to not leave their trims over nine weeks. Split ends stop your hair from going. Are you one of them girls that your hair has stayed the same length for two years or more. Please go get a trim every 8 to 9 weeks.

-Do not over bleach your ends, over bleaching can dry out your hair and cause breakages and stop it from growing.

-Consider a very good quality keratin.

-If you use heat in your hair please use a heat protector.

-invest in great quality haircare.


If you have any concerns about your hair feel free to email me at kokoandco@hotmail.